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May 22, 2013
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MnG- Dennis Hill by Limauu MnG- Dennis Hill by Limauu

I keep telling myself no more groups-- ERO WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME :iconpapmingplz:
But hey at least I have a good reason to enroll into this one-- need to improve my male anatomy


:bulletblue:Name: Hill Dennis

:bulletblue:Age: 18

:bulletblue:Height: 178 cm / 5'8 ft

:bulletblue:Weight: 85 kg / 187 lbs

:bulletblue:Year: Senior

:bulletblue:Level: Expert

- Sour food
- Quiet places [ Only to caused a racket and chaos himself ]
- Strange things
- Swimming
- Squids and Octopuses
- Animals [Stupid looking ones to be specific]
- Unpredictable people
- Teasing others

- Bananas
- Eye contacts
- Predictable things
- Buttons
- Blow dryers
- Macaroons
- Explaining things three times
- Artificial heads

- Eccentric
- Creative
- Observant
- Friendly
- Quiet
- Stubborn
- Antisocial

Dennis is that one guy in class who is usually sitting there silently and minding his own business. Nobody knows what he is thinking or has seen the other side of them until they get to know them. Not much of a talkative person in public , and prefers to stay in places where there are less people. And easily gets annoyed when there is that one person whining about every single thing. This causes him to open his big mouth , and can use quite some hurtful words.

Despite that , he is actually a caring person to those who are close to him . Even though he doesn't show signs of it. But not only that , one can be very surprised when they see the other side of him. The goofy , loud , and hyper side of him. This is when the urges to tease usually show .They can go from distracting that person in class by either trying to make them laugh or would go harassing them until they lose their temper.

And when it comes to work , Dennis can be one to rely on to get things done. One just has to find a way to get him interested enough to show his creative side in solving and getting things done.


It was never easy to be a foreigner and living in a country far from where you came from. Moving to Japan at the age of thirteen caught Dennis by surprise. But he did not have any trouble fitting in, more like sitting in a corner and looking out of the window daydreaming . And since he was little , he has considered himself the only actual man in the house , seeing how his father is a business man and tends to travel quite a lot.

And coming from a place where the beach was close to his house , his little sister would always ask him to take her to swim and collect beautiful seashells . And after the second sister was born , she followed her elder sister's footsteps. So Dennis had to deal with two girls begging him to go to the public pool so swim. But he himself loved to swim , it has always been one of the things that he enjoyed doing . Not to mention acting like a shark and scaring those two never ceased to amuse him.

But that one particular day in the pool with his younger siblings did change his life. It was just another usual afternoon , he was watching over the two and swimming with them happily. Until he got up to go get them all refreshments. Until he heard a few people shouting about a little girl who is drowning. He didn't even bother to hear who it was that was actually drowning. And without hesitation , those refreshments fell from his hand and dashed quite fast towards the pool. The lifeguard was about to jump in , but something really fast past him by. And before he knew it the little girl was save. When Dennis carried her out of the pool , he realized it wasn't either of his little sisters. As they were sitting outside of the pool watching what their elder brother just did. The coach and lifeguard were amazed by this young man's speed and ability to swim so well. After having a little chat with him , they both suggested him to go to this one particular academy that has a high reputation in training students to improve their swimming. For some reason they had high expectations of him. And after giving it a thought , there was nothing stopping him from attending . Not to mention it was time to get an actual hobby.

:bulletblue:Additional Info:
- He is British.
- The necklace he wears was a present from his two little sisters.
- He usually has no shame.
- He considers eye contacts are condoms made for eyes.
- Has a habit of closing the hot water in the showers just to watch everyone run out.
- Kicks things when he is pissed.
- Has a tattoo on his butt saying "Teddybear".
- Will not hesitate to punch or even knee someone in the face if they mess up his face.
- Has a really good hearing.
- Can run quite fast.
- His textbooks cannot be understood from the strange symbols he writes .
- Loves slipping rulers under people who sitting beside him.
- Scared of artificial heads for one reason, he believes they are possessed.

:iconmizu-no-gakuen: (c) ~Prince-Jae
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ZiaLiaLis Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013

O-- not gonna call him sempai but I'll call him jii-chan then //SLAPPEDSOHARD 


But aaaahhhhhh he's so cool /// I would've loved to see him save that kid :iconuhuhuhuplz:

Limauu Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
JII-- LGKFJDNLKSFJDNLK :iconomgcryplz:


dlkjlkdfjlkdj tyyyy ; 7 ; He just went protective papa mode and pushed everyone awae nothing special
ZiaLiaLis Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013



wwwww you're welcomee uvu we should RP //wheeze

MarsSu Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
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and he looks so cool!
I hope we can RP together :iconkiligplz:
Limauu Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Aaaaaah tyyyy (/; 7;)/

And I'm usually on in chats if you'd like to rp \ o /
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Limauu Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist

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